Sąžiningos prekybos galimybės, „Sąžiningos prekybos plėtros galimybės Lietuvoje“

Fairtradekaip socialinės atsakomybės reiškinio ir ekonominės veiklos fenomeno, koncepcija, raida, šio tipo produktų gamybos, realizavimo sąžiningos prekybos galimybės sertifikavimo ypatumai.

sąžiningos prekybos galimybės

Montecarlo prekybos sistemų vertinimas dėmesys skiriamas Sąžiningos prekybos produktų atpažįstamumui ir jų realizavimo augimo Lietuvoje trikdžiams identifikuoti bei šios socialiai atsakingos veiklos platesnio taikymo galimybių paieškai. Remiantis mokslinės literatūros sistemine analize ir šio straipsnio autorių atlikta vartotojų bei prekybos organizacijų vadovų ir vadybininkų apklausa, pristatomas Sąžiningos prekybos produktų realizavimo plėtros mūsų šalyje modelis ir jo įgyvendinimo algoritmas.

The paper consists of the three main parts: the analysis of literature, research with its results and a developed model with conclusions and recommendations. There were varieties of methods applied: literature and document analysis, the comparison method, the survey method, the structured questionnaire interview method and synthesis methods.

The literature analysis reviews the Fairtrade concept and its variety of definitions. The most widely sąžiningos prekybos galimybės definition is given by Fairtrade International, which states that Fairtrade is a trading partnership, based on a dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade.

Гигантские светляки повернули прямо к востоку. Время от времени навстречу людям попадались небольшие группы крупных муравьеподобных созданий. Однако никакой реакции на незнакомцев они не проявили.

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers — especially in the South. The article also presents the history of the movement evolution when the first real manifestations appeared in the mid-twentieth century, and the overall Fairtrade system, including associated organizations, standards and marking, which all have been still developed.

Throughout the world, Fairtrade marked goods are widely available in supermarkets, world shops and it is reported that more than half of the respondents are aware about Fairtrade and buy these products.

sąžiningos prekybos galimybės

However, in Lithuania there are no research articles on these topics, and also information in media about the Fairtrade movement and its meaning is missing. And while people can buy such goods in Lithuania, human unconsciousness and brand anonymity discourage sales of these products.

The authors present 3 scientific references which explain the main reasons why people do not purchase Fairtrade products and what are the key factors to improve the turnover of Fairtrade products.

sąžiningos prekybos galimybės

The research data were processed by the statistical analysis program SPSS. Descriptive statistics methods were used for data analysis means calculations, correlation analysis, chi-square tests, sąžiningos prekybos galimybės. To conclude, the research showed that a vast majority of respondents did not know the meaning of Fairtrade.

sąžiningos prekybos galimybės

However, they were willing to buy Fairtrade products even for a higher price after they had been explained of it. The representatives of supermarkets stated that they would propose more of Fairtrade products if consumers show the demand. There also must be a feedback system created so that consumers could feel the satisfaction and see the changes their purchases make in the third world countries.

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