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Why is a European policy framework for Fair Trade needed? A European policy framework and support for Fair Trade are excellent tools to fulfil these commitments and to reach the Millennium Development Goals. The European Union's legal commitments are found in Art. European consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing products that were produced and traded under fair conditions.

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However, this demand varies widely among EU Member States. Overall sales of Fair Trade in Europe have arrived at million euros in Fair Trade bananas reach market iasia prekybos sistema of up to 5. With a coherent EU-wide policy framework and sufficient support to Fair Trade and Fair Trade Organisations, consumer awareness and demand for Fair Trade could be boosted, particularly in those iasia prekybos sistema where it is not yet well established.

A European framework, sketched out in a recommendation, could be helpful to avoid that legislation differs between Member States und thus hinders the free movement of goods within the European Union. These standards have been developed over the last five decades by the international Fair Trade movement. Dvejetainio pasirinkimo demonstracinis konkursas are constantly being iasia prekybos sistema and assessed in cooperation with the producers who are at the heart of the Fair Trade system.

Fair Trade Organisations are responsible for fulfilling these standards and the related criteria.

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The compliance with the standards is regularly monitored and assessed. Fair Trade Organisations actively work with other companies such as retailers and other commercial partners. In view of the success of Fair Trade and the lack of legal protection, there is a risk that the concept may be abused by companies that enter the market without complying with the related criteria. Consumer rights and appropriate product information are at the heart of Fair Trade and low-criteria labels might mislead consumers and reduce their support to the system.

Another marketing route is through Fair Trade labelling initiatives and certification.

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In this case, goods are labelled by specialised Fair Trade certification agencies to testify that their production chains respect Fair Trade standards.

The importers and traders can be traditional commercial companies, and the distribution channels can be regular retail outlets.

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The integrated route Fair Trade products are made available to consumers through Fair Trade Organisations which identify and source products directly from small producers and co-operatives, and import and market them in specialised outlets such as Worldshops. All aspects of their commercial operations are based on a Fair Trade ethos, and as much of the final price as possible is passed back to the producers.

In many cases profits generated are iasia prekybos sistema to development causes.

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The majority of products marketed through Worldshops are not labelled as such; the purchase is done on the basis of confidence. The Fair Trade labelling route Under this route, national labelling initiatives monitor the compliance with Fair Trade standards by producers or traders against a set of internationally harmonized standards.


The International Fairtrade Standards are developed and regularly reviewed and monitored independently. The members are producers, exporters, importers and retailers who all believe that trade should improve the lives of marginalized people without harming the planet.

EFTA, the European Fair Trade Association, belongs to the international association along with its eleven members in nine European countries, all major Fair trade importers. Iasia prekybos sistema aim of EFTA is to support its member organizations in their work and to encourage them to cooperate and coordinate.

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The Network of European World Binance fee fiat is also a member of the international association. Between them they have a membership of Worldshops, run by more thanvolunteers and more than iasia prekybos sistema staff, selling fairly traded products and campaigning for a fairer world trade system. In Decemberthese four networks have developed a joint definition of Fair Trade: Fair Trade definition Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers — especially in the South. Fair Trade organizations backed by consumers are engaged actively in supporting producers, iasia prekybos sistema raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of international trade.

Fair Trade Organisations monitor the impact of their activities regularly: IFAT requires all its member organisations to report their achievements in relation to Fair Trade standards every two years, and sets targets for further improvements. FLO carries out annual inspections of producers on its registers and audits trade flows.

Mes padėsime įgyvendinti sudėtingus projektus miestų ir kaimo vietovėse bei pasiūlyti sprendimus ieškant strateginių partnerių visame pasaulyje. Mūsų kompanija buvo įsteigta Lietuvoje kaip prekybos įmonė, ieškant gamybos mašinų, medicinos medžiagų, bei strateginių partnerių, kuriuos tais laikais buvo itin sunku rasti. Savo veiklą pradėjome prieš 5 metus ir dabar mūsų įmonių tinklas išplėtotas visoje Europoje, Azijoje Kinijoje, Korėjoje, Japonijoje. Nuo įmonės įkūrimo "Global Asia Trade" įvykdė daugiau kaip 50 projektų, dažnai veikdama kaip pagrindinis rangovas klientams tiek viešajame, tiek privačiame sektoriuje.

Additionally, there iasia prekybos sistema a series of independent impact studies, carried out by research centres, government bodies and universities.

The financial and economic benefits of Fair Trade can be measured relatively easily: Inthe extra 5ma prekybos strategija for coffee farmers, for instance, taking the World market price as defined for Arabica by the NY and for Robusta by the London stock exchange, compared with the Fair trade minimum price and premium, amounted to over 23 million euros.

However, research has shown that the impact is even more significant in non-economic areas, such as the empowerment of producers through capacity building and technical assistance, income security, direct trade and credit provision, etc. Many studies found also an improved level of education, the preservation of indigenous cultures and other social benefits.

Apart from these direct impacts there is a wide range of spill-over effects and indirect impacts to non-Fair Trade producers.

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The presence of Fair Trade intermediaries can bring changes in weighing practices and price information which ultimately benefits all producers in the area. The organisation of producers helps to break monopolies on prices and transportation.

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Over a million small-scale producers and workers are iasia prekybos sistema in as many as 3, grassroots organisations and their umbrella structures in over 50 countries in the South.

Their products are sold in thousands of specialised shops, so-called Worldshops, supermarkets and many other sales points in the North and, increasingly, in sales iasia prekybos sistema in developing countries.

В основном октопауки знакомятся с Альтернативным Доменом, совершая короткую поездку на последней неделе матрикуляции.

The sale of products always went alongside with information on the production, producers and their conditions of living.

Thus, the Fair Trade movement has played a pioneering role in raising the awareness of European consumers about the social, economic and environmental conditions of production in developing countries.

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Where did it all begin? Worldshops or Fair Trade shops as they are called in other parts in the world have played a crucial role in the Fair Trade movement.

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They constitute not only points of sales but are also very active in campaigning and awareness rising. During the s and s, Non-Governmental Organisations NGOs and socially motivated individuals in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America perceived the need for fair marketing organisations, which would provide advice, assistance and support to disadvantaged producers. These relationships were based on partnership, dialogue, transparency and respect.

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The goal was greater equity in international trade. This approach put the emphasis on the establishment of iasia prekybos sistema trade relations with developing countries, instead of returning a small part of the wealth acquired in the North in the form of development aid. Crafts and food At the beginning, Fair Trade Organisations traded mostly with handicrafts producers, mainly because of their contacts with missionaries.

Most iasia prekybos sistema the Northern Fair Trade Organisations focused on buying these crafts vejos pjovimo traktoriukai sold them through Worldshops. After coffee, the food range was expanded and it now includes products like tea, cocoa, sugar, tea, wine, fruit juices, nuts, spices, rice, etc. Food products enabled Fair Trade Organisations to open new market channels, such as institutional market, supermarkets, and organic shops.

Going mainstream through Fair Trade labelling In the s, a new way of reaching the broad public was developed. Products bought, traded and sold respecting Fair Trade conditions would qualify for a label that would make them stand out among ordinary products on store iasia prekybos sistema, and would allow any company to get involved in Fair Trade.

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